My name is Morgan Robertson. I'm currently a Ph.D. student in the Linguistics Department at the University of Kansas. My research interests are phonetics, phonology, and second language acquisition. As of late, I have been working Clear Speech productions of nasal coarticulation, rounded/unrounded vowels, and stop voicing in L1 and L2 French. I'm interested in addressing questions about the acoustic correlates to contrast as they appear in the L1 and in the L2, and the intelligibility benefit received by native and non-native listeners as a result of the specific contrast-enhancing productions.

I work as a Graduate Teaching Assistant for the Department of Lingusitcs. I have taught Introductory Linguistics and Phonology I. Teaching is a passion of mine. I love exposing students to the complexities of language that they don't know that they know!

When I'm not researching or teaching, you'll probably find me at home with my husband and two kids. I enjoy cooking, baking, and reading.